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Here you can find letters from Members with interesting comments, ideas, opinions and photographs. In addition to the members’ submissions, you will also find NAIL’s specials here. 

After the previous chairman had lifted his title, it was time for a new chairman. After various internal discussions, it was decided to have a female chairperson instead of a male chairman. In this, Marjo Thijssen was elected as chairman. This also happened for the first time in history.

Lt. Roger Schijven


This statue was subsidized in 1991 by NAIL. The three hands in this penetrating work of art depict the connection between the Netherlands and the United States as well as between Limburg and Margraten.

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Subsidized 1991

President Bush’s second visit to the Netherlands was for the NAIL a very special one. Mr. Leo J. Schijven had the honor of meeting Mr. Bush in the Hall of Knights (Ridderzaal) in The Hague. Leo talked with President Bush for several minutes about NAIL, the partnership between the USA and the Netherlands and more. This all happend on November 9th, 1991.


NAIL also made regular visits to the war cemetery in Margraten in the 1990s. After many visits, NAIL left a plaque in the tower as a thank you for the hard work of the members of the AMBC. 


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